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Title Dispute Attorneys in Bryan, TX

Representing Individuals & Businesses in Title Disputes

Here in Texas, title disputes often develop over oil and gas rights. The Bryan, TX oil and gas lawyers at Bruchez & Goss, P.C. represent clients in College Station and throughout the Brazos Valley in title disputes. We have the knowledge and experience to negotiate and litigate everything from simple to complex disputes.

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Oil & Gas Titles

Texas is known for being one of the nation’s largest hubs for oil and natural gas drilling. Of course, to successfully and legally capture these natural resources, oil and gas companies must comply with title laws while negotiating and planning with landowners. Lease agreements and titles can grant a company permission to drill – but these documents must be drawn up and implemented professionally and in accordance with Texas law. Adequate title work is key to a successful venture.

To resolve a title dispute, local land records, deeds, and conveyances must be examined. The history of the land and the interactions between the parties must be traced. Our College Station oil and gas attorneys can gather the necessary information and carefully interpret the documents to establish your legal rights. Though we always strive to resolve a dispute through negotiation, sometimes litigation is the most viable solution. We are prepared for whatever it takes to successfully resolve your case.

Work with a Capable Firm

Deeds that convey oil and natural gas interests can be incredibly complex. Generally, only a knowledgeable attorney with a specific background in oil and gas title interpretation should be trusted to handle a title dispute.

Our Bryan, TX oil and gas attorneys have extensive experience representing individuals and businesses on both sides of an oil and gas title dispute. Whether you are a lessor or a lessee, an oil and gas production company, or a landowner, we can represent you in your case.

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