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Easement Lawyers in Bryan, TX

Legal Representation for Easement Disputes

An easement can provide a person or company with access to someone else’s land, under Texas real estate law. If you need help with an easement agreement or a dispute involving an easement, count on Bruchez & Goss, P.C. Our easement lawyers in Bryan, TX have the knowledge and experience needed to help resolve your issue favorably.

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Texas Easement Laws

Easements in Texas are generally defined as the right or privilege that an individual or community has to use the land owned by another. Easements may be public or private.

A public easement grants the rights of land usage to the public, whereas a private easement grants use to a specific party or parties. Public easements may be created by a dedication of the property from the owner, by prescription, or by the condemnation of the government. Public easements on city streets give the local government the right to install water, gas, and sewer lines for the benefit of the entire community.

Understanding Easements in Texas

An easement is a nonpossessory interest in land. The holder has the right to use the land only for a specific purpose. For example, one may grant an easement to an electrical company to run utility lines. This does not give ownership or full use of the land to that company.

Our attorneys assist clients with many types of easements, such as:

  • Utility easements
  • Right-of-way easements
  • Historic preservation easements
  • Construction easements
  • Driveway easements
  • Beach access easements
  • Conservation easements

Nonpossessory Interest in Land

A nonpossessory interest in land is the right of one person to use or restrict the use of land that belongs to another person.

Nonpossessory interests do not constitute ownership of the land itself:

  • Holders of a nonpossessory interest in real property do not have title
  • The owner of the land continues to enjoy the full rights of ownership, subject to any encumbrances

Representation for Lawsuits over Easements in Bryan, TX

In some situations, disagreements may arise regarding the rights of access or what can be done on the property where the easement was granted. These disputes often arise because the parties do not understand or fail to abide by the agreement.

The laws and regulations that govern easements can be confusing. Our easement attorneys in Bryan, TX can review all documentation, provide legal advice about the best course of action in your situation, and represent you in a legal disagreement when necessary.

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